It’s been almost 100 years since the Roaring Twenties started. My Pop Brunswick music is inspired by this period in time. Women (some women in the world) freed themselves. I always wonder how much more free I am today? Do I explore more? And still many, many women are fighting for their rights …

I made a video which plays during my gigs in which all kinds of images of the Roaring Twenties are shown. Not (only) the typical Great Gatsby images, but several dances and dancers, images of very different women, little children hanging around like they still do and hopefully always will. It was such fun making this video, also sometimes crying about things that luckily did change 100 years later, like segregation.

In the end, the video ánd my gigs are mainly about dancing, feel happy and feel your passion inside.

Check a compilation of my first (small intimite) gig, with some images of the video in it and some of my video of Drummer Inside:

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