For my sister and fashion designer Juliette Pijpers I created a tailored medley for her own fashion event “Blue Nude“. The theme was based on her passion for water and the colour blue.

I played live drums along with special made video. Completed with dance. I chose hit songs about water as singing in the rain, waterfalls and let it rain. A mix of happiness and melancholy. Watch a small part of this medley:

It’s been almost 100 years since the Roaring Twenties started. My Pop Brunswick music is inspired by this period in time. Women (some women in the world) freed themselves. I always wonder how much more free I am today? Do I explore more? And still many, many women are fighting for their rights …

I made a video which plays during my gigs in which all kinds of images of the Roaring Twenties are shown. Not (only) the typical Great Gatsby images, but several dances and dancers, images of very different women, little children hanging around like they still do and hopefully always will. It was such fun making this video, also sometimes crying about things that luckily did change 100 years later, like segregation.

In the end, the video ánd my gigs are mainly about dancing, feel happy and feel your passion inside.

Check a compilation of my first (small intimite) gig, with some images of the video in it and some of my video of Drummer Inside:

For bookings: call +31 6 24293698

I create music and websites.

It took me some years to discover what I love most. Like most of you probably, I want to add value to the world. Even if what I do is just a very small part of it.

I love to make the online world better to use. Making it a bit more beautiful and friendly everyday. I make websites for friends & family to launch their online prensence. And I work at an insurance company. Every day I strive to improve our website. Make it a better place to visite for our customers.

Since my daughter was born in 2010, I’m more sure than ever that I want to make music. Want? No wait, I DO make music. It’s because of my little girl that I made The Drummer Inside. It’s about the passion you feel inside, whatever that may be for you.

When my daughter was a toddler she became ill. We had to go to the hospital at the same time as I planned to make my first videoclip. And the only one until now 😉

So I came in on the set pretty late (after I was assured that my little one was ok and would soon be better). I was relying totally on the great people we invited to create this clip. They were there already waiting for me and getting ready. We all had our own ambitions to create something. But with no expections of getting highly paid or whatever. We rather create than we consume. And I couldn’t afford it even if  I wanted … but I could give the best … and a great lunch!

I am proud of these people, I am proud of the video clip, proud of the music I created since, and always proud of my daughter.

Do you also have the desire to create? Share your thoughts!